Who am I?

I'm Benedikt. I'm a fullstack software engieer currently working at GotU.io. I work mostly in the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem with Node and React, but have also worked with Ruby in the past. I also work with GraphQL, Postgres, and various infrastructure technologies such as Docker. In my spare time I dablle around in Rust, and build games in Unreal Engine with C++ and other engines and languages. But outside of coding I also enjoy coffee, green tea, dogs, skiing, reading, running, and lately also a bit of maths. I also know how to exit vim.

What's this place all about?

I decided to create this website because I wanted a public place where I could record my thoughts and experiences.

  1. Learning in public
  2. This is a term coined (I think) by swyx. The core idea is to shift from learning in private, where individuals consume content without contributing, to a more public, interactive form of learning.

  3. Self documentation
  4. A lot of the time, when I'm working on a tough problem, or simply in unfamiliar territory, I want to hold on to how arrived at my solution. Memory, is ephemreal, and unrealiabl (just like RAM) and I like having a place where I can collect these things for future me (and anyone else that stumbles upon them).

  5. A reflective outlet
  6. This one kind of works like rubber duck debugging or journaling, where writing about something can help you understand it.